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Helping you design your successful exit and succession for your closely-held business!

Our Experience

After many years as corporate lawyers, we decided to highlight the practical side of realizing value (and, if necessary, amicably resolving conflicts) for business owners. We consider succession plans, individual exits and joint exits (by sale or other change of control) and your “encore.” Now, we share our passion by helping others. Our ramp up process is designed for your personal goals.

Why Us?

Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.

Hello, business owners, family, directors and investors


This site announces our new comprehensive guide and consulting on separation from your business ‘partners’ regardless of legal entity format.

We bring a wealth of experience to help you at each phase of your business life cycle: business design, launch, incentive comp plans, strategic alliances and prep for sale.


Your Guide Book: “Smarter Business Exits”, solve ‘Corporate' Divorce

See our comprehensive guide (published on Amazon), “Smarter Business Exits: Strategies and Toolkits for Corporate Divorce, Succession Planning and Joint Exit,”. We go beyond redemptions, buyouts, squeeze-outs, mergers and acquisitions and selling your business. We start with business design for value, growth and change of control. We coach you for ‘corporate divorce intelligence‘ as a subset of ‘business exit intelligence.‘ [TM]. There’s more coming. We hope you take a moment to drop us a line at our friendly law firm site, biercekenerson.com There’s more to life than corporate divorce, but it helps to be ready for many scenarios so you can choose ‘corporate divorce without destruction.‘[TM}

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If you wish to discuss how to resolve differences with your business partners, we invite you to contact us. Please do not disclose your business or anyone’s confidential information in the first round.


Get your copy of “SMARTER BUSINESS EXITS” from Amazon.com and learn how to design your business for any eventual exit, by one or more individual owners, or by all jointly. It’s not easy to plan, but it’s easier to plan than to get into disputes. If you do get into a dispute, there are strategies, solutions and toolkits for that too.

For family-owned businesses, consider your succession plan and intergenerational transition plans.

For tech startups, professional service firms and international businesses, consider your governance, risk management and resiliency and compliance, all as building blocks for durable ventures and your “smarter business exits” ™.